• Stella Artios

    “WOW !!! Frederick MD Elks Lodge 684 hosted the Shadows of the 60’s Motown Christmas Tribute show at the Weinberg Center on Saturday Dec.3rd. I can honestly state that I never expected such a tremendous show. Norman Wasserman is a true professional and walked us through the whole process from the initial contact in February right up to curtain time. And I cannot even begin to put into words the professionalism and performance of the group.
    Our Lodge had never tried anything like this and to say I was apprehensive would be a major under statement. We were able to raise a great amount of money to help us continue to help others in our community. If your organization is thinking of new ways to raise funds, look no further. We are already looking forward to next year’s return visit. Thank You Norman and Shadows of the 60’s.”

  • David "Oz" Osterczy

    “Norman Wasserman of Friend Entertainment is an incredible human being who went above and beyond what anyone would to assure the success of our fundraiser.
    His act (Badlands) was incredible and the band members were amazing people as well.
    Norman practically ran the entire show, mentored our staff, and was always there when we needed him.
    I recommend his company most heartily!
    Please feel free to call me if you have any other questions.
    P.S. I have heard that his Motown act is one of the best anywhere! He raves about them!
    Yours in Service,
    David ‘Oz’ Osterczy
    Build 1000 Homes – One Home At A Time”

  • Marge Giachetti

    “In the past my husband and I were very privileged to have been in attendance at a lot of your shows with the original artists and even two of your wonderful cruises that you put together. We went with friends and a good time was had by all, at all of your shows, at queens college, bellmore, and various school auditoriums on long island and lets not forget the cruises on carnival lines.
    Unfortunately, due to illness and other things we have not been able to attend any of your tribute shows but things are good now and we do live very close to where you have your shows and we will be attending your tribute shows. The reason I am writing is two fold, to tell you we are happy you are still bringing us this classic music and to find out if in the future you might be thinking of having a tribute cruise planned. If you do my husband and I would seriously think about attending. Don’t know if that is in the works, if not, we will be at the tribute shows very soon and maybe we will get a chance to say hi to you. I know a lot of people have passed your way over the years and i do not expect you to remember us but we remember you and all the joy and entertainment you brought our way, and we will defiantly stop by and see you at one of your shows. Thank you and continued good luck to you in your quest to keep this music alive.”

  • Jane

    “Awesome show!
    The Shadow of the Sixties Tribute to Super Groups was so energizing and
    enjoyable.Just nonstop singing and entertaining the whole night.What a
    memorable evening.I can’t wait to see it again ,and I’m telling everyone I
    know to go see it.You always have great entertainment at your shows.It’s
    such a joy to be part of the audience.I can’t wait for your next exciting

  • Mark Jackobs

    WOW!!!!! I don’t know what else to say. That Shadows of the Sixties Tribute to the Super Groups show you put on Saturday night was fabulous. The talent on that stage was truly unbelievable. Better than the original groups. What a fun, energetic show. It is hard to stay in your seat with all that great Motown music. I loved it. I loved it so much the first time I saw it that I had to bring my friends to see it for themselves. I loved it even better the second time around. And my friends felt the same way. We can’t wait for you to do it again. As always Norman, everything you do is top notch. You always bring the best shows. I have been a Friend Entertainment USA fan for many, many years. I love all that you do in bringing us the BEST entertainment. Keep on doing what you do.”

  • Howard and Jill Zipin

    “Really good tribute to EWF they did at the Keswick last night.
    My wife and I had a nice time.
    Band was great.
    Lucky we found it. Advertising was quiet.
    Let us know if you’ll be bringing other tribute bands back to Philly venues
    like those you mentioned. Abba, Billy Joel, etc etc.
    New York too far…especially upstate.
    Also we’d be interested in Atlantic City summer concerts.
    Check out AC. Perfect demographic. Lots of Philly folks spend summers in
    Ventnor and margate shore points would come.
    Howard and Jill Zipin
    Maple Glen, PA”

  • Jack Boehmer

    Norman, the advance sale for this years show is unbelievable. Tickets went on sale just last Thursday to the general public and the orchestra is half sold out already. We will truly sell the joint out this year. I am already looking at next year and think to bring the Shadows of the 60’s for a third year would be pushing it. I would like your input into what other acts could incorporate Christmas into their show. I don’t believe you work with Almost Queen, but I am very interested in them and would probably schedule them some time other then December. It is truly unbelievable how successful these shows are and how much money we can make. I can not begin to thank you for all your help.

    Jack Boehmer

  • Lauretta E. Murdock

  • Martha A. Hammer

  • Lisa Polizzi

    Thank you so very much to everyone who attended last nights show Lisa Polizzi’s Janis Joplin Experience at Bellmore Movies , Thank you Norman Wasserman Friend Entertainment USA Tai Vicari Tai and The Music Man WLINY RADIO , opening act Vinny Vicari / Vicari you are so talented. Thank you to Jim Giarraputo & Michael Hansome who provided sound. Thank you everyone who helped spread the word & for all your kind words, all your encouragement and support means so much to me, <3 & XOXO’s to you all who made last night such a great show & I know it will only get better with each show. Common Sense Media Communications who was videoing the show & also did the promotional video aired on News 12 Long Island , Wanda Whelen Watson who took some photos last night. Once again shoutout to the band John Haseth , Barry Titone , Chris Parrett , Paul Marotta Jr & Cliff Counes you guys are so awesome.

  • Cindy Perlman

  • Norman Wasserman

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